Local Printing Issues

If you're having trouble printing remotely, start here and then there's a second article at the end for more steps

1. Press and hold the Windows key (picture below) and press the R key to pull up the run box.

2. Type control printers into open:

3. Click on your printer to show the status of the printer (information shows up in the bottom of the device and printers window)

If the printer Status is Offline

1. Right click on your printer and select "see whats printing" from the pop up

2.  When the printer window comes up click on Printer in the top left corner and make sure "Use Printer Offline" is not checked off, if it is then you want to uncheck it

After unchecking "Use Printer Offline" you can try and restart the print queue.  

OPTIONS if "Use Printer Offline" was not checked

1. Check and verify that your printer is on (if not, turn it on and try to start the print queue from the see whats printing screen)
2. Restart both the printer and your computer.  Once they are both back on, try and print. 
3. If your printer is plugged into your desktop / laptop via USB cable, make sure that is plugged in securely (you can unplug it and try another port, or just unplug it, give it 5 seconds and plug it back in)
4. If your computer is connected via WiFi, just make sure the WiFi is on on the printer (you can check printer status from your printers display screen).
5. If your printer is connected to your network via an Ethernet cable, make sure that the cable is securely in, you can remove it and plug it back in. 

ADDITIONAL STEPS (after above has been done)

For additional assistance, please send a ticket to the HELP DESK.