Install .RDP on Mac OS

In order to get onto the Terminal Server from a Mac you must download the remote desktop client from Microsoft.  Here is a step by step for setup -

1. You will first need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop

2. Go to your /RDWeb page and log in with your credentials. (if you dont know it please open a ticket and we can get you the link)

3. Download the .rdp file

4. Open up Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on your Mac
4a. Click on File
4b. Click on Import
4c. Select the .rdp file you just downloaded

5. Update the following :
5a. Connection name (so you can identify it, its what ever you would like)
Under Credentials
5b. Username / Password

Setting you may want to edit -
Check off Start in full screen
Use all monitors (if you have more than one connected to your Mac)

That should get you setup and ready to go with your Mac. If you have any questions please let us know.