Remote Desktop: Mac OS X Instructions

To connect to your remote office, you'll need the most recent Microsoft Remote Desktop app which you can get from the AppStore: 

If you were given a link to the organization's RDWEB workplace, you will have downloaded an .rdp file which can be imported into the Microsoft Remote Desktop app you just downloaded.

To import an RDP file:

  • Open the app 
  • In the menu bar, select File > Import.
  • Browse to the RDP file.
  • Select Open.
The connection will then be available to use.

If your organization does not have an RDWEB workspace and you were not given an RDP file, you'll need to manually configure the connection:

Jephens will give you the following information:

Your Computer Name
Your Corporate RDGateway 

You'll be responsible for knowing your username and your password.

    1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application
    2. Click the "+" icon
    3. Select PC
    4. For PC Name, enter the name of the remote computer to connect to. 
    5. For User Account, click the dropdown to change the setting
    6. Click Add User Account
    7. For User Name, type in Domain\Username
    8. For Password, type your Corporate Password. (Note: you will need to update your Remote Desktop settings every time you change your password.)
    9. Click Save
    10. For Friendly Name, enter the PC name
    11. Click on no gateway to change the setting
    12. Select Add Gateway from the dropdown
    13. For Server Name, enter <gateway name provided to you by Jephens>
    14. For User Account, click Use PC User account
    15. Select your username from the list
    16. Click Add
    17. Click Add again
    18. To initiate the connection, double click on your PC Name tile
    19. Click Show Certificate
    20. Click Always Trust to prevent seeing this warning again for the PC specified
    21. Click Continue