Archive email in Office 365

How to Enable Archive Mail Outlook 365?

Below, all the steps are provided that users can follow for archiving emails in Office 365.

  • Type in browser and login with your Office 365 credentials.
  • Select Data Governance in the Security and compliance center Then click on the Archive.
  • Now, you will see the linked mailboxes to your O365 account and also whether the archive mailbox is enabled or not.
  • Choose the mailbox to enable the “Archive mailbox”.


  • You will receive a warning popup, click on Yes to enable archive mailbox.


Wait for a few seconds till the Outlook 365 email archive process is completed. Once the process gets completed, users are able to see the archive mailbox.

Manual Process For Archiving Emails in Office 365

Once the user has enabled the archive mailbox, then by following the below process, users can perform outlook 365 archive all emails.

  • Login to MS Outlook using the O365 account.
  • Open the folder from which you need to archive emails.

Note – Users can also select the specific emails and then click on the archive tab in the top pane of the O365 account.


  • Select all the emails you want to archive and right-click on them. Choose the archive option to move the selected emails to the archive mailbox.